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Paul Reginato at Maxwell’s Music House (July 10, 2011)

Every summer Maxwell’s Music House in Waterloo runs a singer/songwriter competition, and in the last heat a friend of mine, Paul Reginato, played. Paul is a young singer/pianist whose intricate songs and narrative lyrics gives me Sufjan Stevens vibes. Apparently I’m not the first person to mention this comparison to him, though he still hasn’t gotten around to listening to Stevens. I recorded his three song set and thought I’d share them here since I quite enjoyed them and he has no other recordings of his music online yet.

I arrived late to the show so didn’t get to see all the artists performing on the night. One who did impress me though was Richard Garvey who’s manic performance is what I imagine would result if Paul Simon slamed several Red Bull’s before he took to the stage. I’ve seen Garvey play before with his band Far From Rich, and it was fun to see him again playing solo. Most of the others I was not particularly impressed by, though apparently I missed some really great acts from earlier in the evening. Unfortunately neither Paul nor Richard made it through to the next round which left me a little disappointed, but such is the nature of making a competition out of subjective art.

Anyway enjoy the following songs: