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A Day Trip To Elmira

Spring finally came to Waterloo two weekends ago (Of course it departed imediately after, this past weekend was a bleak episode of rain, snow, and high winds). Anyway, on the good weekend it was sunny, it was warm, and everyone was outside. To make the most of the good weather a friend and I grabbed our cameras and took a drive out into the country side. . But  First stop was St Jacobs farmers market, where we filled up on german sausages and fruit. The market was packed, so we didn’t hang around too long. Next stop was… wherever! We just drove and everytime an intersection came up I shouted “Left or right?” and my friend randomly picked a direction and off we went.

Basket Dog
Basket Dog cruising around St. Jacobs farmers market

Eventually we found our way to a little South West Ontario tourist town by the name of Elmira. We didn’t hang around for too long but instead pulled in at a park just on the outskirts and started snapping photos. Next stop from there was a nearby dam that I got directions to from a friendly father who was playing with his son in the park. There isn’t much else to write about it, it was more just a photo excursion than anything, and I’ve put up my favourite photos from the day here.

Fallow Field
One of the many farms surrounding Elmira

In other news I just bought a new camera so these will be the last photos taken with my trusty little Canon Rebel XSi/450D and the old faithful 17-85mm lens. This combo saw me through USA, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, and Singapore. I have been agonizing between upgrading to a Canon 60D or Nikon D7000. If I didn’t have any lenses I would probably have gone with the Nikon since it seems to have the most bang fro the buck out of all of them, but changing systems is a real hassel, and it was significantly more expensive than the 60D. In the end I got neither and bought a used Canon 7D. So far I love it! I took it for its first spin last night at when I was down in Toronto to see TV On The Radio. It’s like night vs day comparing its low light performance at gigs. Photos from that show to come real soon.

Red Eye
Seeing the world in a different colour.
This fence had seen better days
Country Road
Walking to the dam which I have forgotten the name of
Tree II
An interesting coloured tree I found in a park
Tree I
This tree has been watching too much Might Boosh