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Bloor and Spadina

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Toronto last week to catch Timber Timbre. What I didn’t mention was my trip there. It was my first time driving to Toronto instead of getting a Greyhound. After some advice from a friend I panicked at the prospect of getting stuck in the famously bad Toronto rush hour traffic and left from Waterloo super early, around 2:30pm in fact. Being one of those old fashioned people with a 4 year old Nokia dumb phone and no GPS I printed out a bunch of google maps directions and hit the road.

Derelict shopfront on Spadina Ave

Of course I managed to miss my exit on the highway, end up taking a detour through suburbia, get stuck in bumper to bumper after school traffic for half an hour before finding my way back onto the highway. From here I backtracked and eventually found the right exit and then my way into downtown. I then sneakily found a “free” car park in a residential street just north of Bloor, jumped out and realised I still had an hour to kill before I was meeting my friend for the show.

Lady resting at corner of Bloor and Spadina

I took this opportunity to experiment with my first attempt at street photography while walking along Bloor Street, and then down Spadina Avenue to Queen street. I kept my little Canon rebel with the inconspicuous plastic fantastic 50mm f/1.8 lens down by my hip and just snapped everything I walked past. Occasionally I even stopped to actually frame a real shot. The results where quite interesting, though a little bit stalkerish looking in some cases. There were a few really interesting characters I passed walking around that I was too timid to snap and missed my shot. Like this woman with an amazingly huge afro and a rasta-guy standing in a doorway to a hippy shop looking suspicious and a little bit dangerous. Overall though I think it was success for my first try! Check out the rest on flickr here.

Man and his gumboots on Bloor St.
I wasn't the only creeper on the street.
Used records for sale, Bloor St.