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Monarch Park Photowalk

On my recent Toronto adventure to see TV On The Radio I spent a little bit of time before hand in a neighbourhood I’ve never been to before; Toronto’s Little India.

Old lock pole in Monarch park.

I was taking a friend to a south indian restaurant called Udupi Palace. The restaurant itself wasn’t much to look at, it felt like we were sitting downstairs in some food court, but the internet told me it was one of the best South Indian restaurants in Toronto, and indeed the food was really good. It was only the second time I’d tried south Indian food but my friend was knowledgeable about such things, so I let her do all the ordering and just enjoyed the strange and delicious assortment of food that followed.

The light inside the tunnel.

The bathroom of this restaurant was quite interesting too. You walked through a door into a little room which had five identical looking doors, two of which were the bathrooms. The fun part was when you tried to get out and had to do a double take remembering which door you had come through. I half expected David Bowie to walk in across the ceiling or a game show host to jump out.

No Dunking
Dunking might be difficult without a ring.

Before we made it to the restaurant however I ended up finding a car park a few blocks up through suburbia at Monarch Park. Walking down to Gerrard street I took the liberty of snapping a few photos of some random things around the park to try out my new camera. The results are the photo content in this post, which you may have been wondering what exactly it had to do with the opening paragraphs on indian food.

School Bus
Mini school bus.

After dinner we headed down to Polsen pier to catch the show and be extorted on ridiculous parking fees. The only good thing about the expensive car park was the amazing view it gave of the downtown Toronto skyline. The fact we arrived just at sunset was a nice bonus too. It was a shame I only had my 50mm lens with me instead of a wide angle but thankfully I was saved by technology. I had to photostitch 3 shots together to get the following:

Toronto Sunset
View of the Toronto skyline from Polsen pier at sunset.