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I always find easter a tough time to be living overseas far from family and friends. Last year Easter was the only time I’ve ever truly felt homesick. This year easter came with feeling of discontent birthed from bordem, bad weather, and a bad case of insomnia.

Window II
A shot of my neighbours backyard.

Luckily a couple of things managed to break the monotony of an otherwise dreary weekend where most stores are closed and everyone is doing family things. I got to experience a Jewish passover dinner on good friday with some other “orphaned” international students. Having never met a Jewish person until I moved to Canada I find it interesting learning about the cultural and religious differences they have to someone who was raised in a community where christianity had a near total majority of those who practice religion.

Window I
Looking through the shed in my backyard.

Saturday I can’t recall much of other than taking a few pictures around the place and seeing a sky turn a brilliant purple-orange at sunset, a photo of which is at the top of this page. On easter sunday I had the unfortunate experience of waking up at 5am after trying to go to bed early and catch up on sleep. To kill time I took a bike ride down the Iron Horse Trail which runs from Waterloo to Kitchener. Along the way it passes some rather decrepit old industrial buildings which made for some good photos. This post isn’t supposed to be about the narrative however, so just enjoy the photos!

Two Faces
Some graffiti off the side of the Iron Horse Trail
A derelict caravan/trailer I passed on the Iron Horse trail.
No Matter How Close You Are
More graffiti on the Iron Horse trail
... and even more...