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The Other Side of the Tracks

Last weekend was a good weekend to be in K-dub. There was a lot of fun things on; Open Ears music festival; Blue Dot art installation slash rave; and a ThoughtPop House show. I managed to check out the last two and had a great time. I went to the Thoughtpop show first and met a bunch of great new people, saw some great bands, drank far to much, and went home wearing someone else’s shoes. Blue Dot I just dropped in at on the way home, but didn’t stay at for long.

This weekend was a little tamer but the sun is out and it finally feels like spring is “almost” here to stay. I took my camera and bike and went for a ride down the train tracks in Kitchener to take some pictures of the warehouses and things in the neighbourhood of where Blue Dot was held. Enjoy!




The Rump



Spilt Tar


I did eventually swap my shoes back. Turns out the ones I “borrowed” belonged to the drummer from the band Spirits, who incidentally is supposed to be featured on City and Colours soon to be released record. Walking in the shoes of an accomplished musician is not quite what I expected. Mostly they were too big and falling apart.