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Knock Knock Ginger at Starlight Lounge (June 9, 2011)

Last Thursday was the long awaited CD release for Waterloo indie-pop locals Knock Knock Ginger’s latest album We’re Headed For A Fall. I feel a little strange writing a review for bands where I know some of the members, so I will keep it brief and let the photos and videos do the talking.

Tyson and the Trepids
Tyson and the Trepids

Opening up the night was Shawn Clarke, who unfortunately I missed most of their set, followed by fellow Waterloo indie-rockers Tyson and the Trepids. I’ve seen Tyson and the Trepids several times at house shows since I’ve moved to Waterloo and I always enjoy them live. They play a deceptively upbeat jangly brand of indie-rock centered around the frontman Tyson’s often melancholic odes to lost love. My favorite song of theirs is their often closing number My Heart Lies which you can check out here.

Tyson and the Trepids 1
Steph of the Trepids

Last up were the men and women of the hour, aptly named Knock Knock Ginger, which consist of 60% ginger haired rockers (whether natural or artificial is another matter) and 40% some shade of brown to blonde (though under the red stage lights they were all quite red haired for the evening). Their new album is full of jangly guitars and catch pop songs and is worth checking out since it is available as a free download from their website (or donations if you have a heart of gold), it’s been getting a few plays on my iPod this week and I really enjoy it. It was a fun show and featured numerous guest appearances by various members of Tyson and the Trepids, and one trumped playing man named Frank who was the subject of some amusing banter from the front man. Have a gander at the photos and videos from the show below, apologies for the extremely shaky video but I couldn’t help but tap my feet along.

You can find more photos at my Flickr, and videos on you YouTube channel.

Tyson and the Trepids 2
Tyson and the Trepids 3
Jeff the Trepid
Knock Knock Ginger 3
Knock Knock Ginger
Knock Knock Ginger 9

Knock Knock Ginger 4

Knock Knock Ginger 1

Knock Knock Ginger 2

Knock Knock Ginger 7

Knock Knock Ginger 8