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This Will Destroy You at Lee’s Palace (May 30, 2011)

It seems almost obligatory that 2000’s era post-rock bands have absurdly dramatic names, and Texas four-piece This Will Destroy You is a perfect example. That said this band is one of the few of the more recent crop of post-rock bands that I genuinely find interesting and don’t just listen to for the all too predictable, but still cathartic, soft-loud-soft-louder epics typical of the numerous Explosions In The Sky and Mogwai clones that have popped up in the last five or so years. After a recent drought of live music I made the trip back to Toronto to catch them at Lee’s Palace for an ear drum rupturingly loud set. Perhaps their name is fair warning after all. This show also marked the first time I tried recording some live footage which you can check out below and on my YouTube channel. This is still a bit of an experiment on my part so it might be awhile till I get the hang of it, and I had the gain up a little loud of this set so there is unfortunately some clipping.

This Will Destroy You

Opening the night was John LaMonica; a solo musician slash sound manipulator hailing from Kansas, USA. His instrument was basically his laptop and he recorded and looped drum beats and synth noises on the fly and then went crazy with all sorts of glitching and beat manipulating wizardry. It was essentially a DJ set and the heart attack heavy bass had my beard literally vibrating on my face. After the show I checked out some of John’s music on his website and it is a much more singer-songwriter affair than his live persona; it’s worth checking out both sides of his coin.

TWDY creeping on John LaMonica

This Will Destroy You then took the stage and unsurprisingly opened with Little Smoke; the first track form their most recent record Tunnel Blanket (2011). Their set featured heavily from their latest offering with only one song from their 2007 self-titled record. At the end of their set they closed with There Are Some Remedies Worse Than The Disease from their EP Young Mountain (2006); the EP that originally got me into the band and on of my favourites of theirs.

This Will Destroy You II

It was an engaging show and the experience was appropriately epic for a band of this genre with all members giving it their all; bodies flailing wildly in the climaxes before hunching down for recovery in the tender moments. For the encore they came back and teased us with Quiet; the opener from Young Mountain before calling it a night. It was a good show and my only complaint was that they didn’t play more of their older material, that and my favourite of their songs; A Three-Legged Workhorse; wasn’t in their set.

This Will Destroy You I

1. Little Smoke
2. Glass Realms
3. Communial Blood
4. Burial On The Presidio Banks
5. Black Dunes
6. There Are Some Remedies Worse Than The Disease
1. Quiet