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Pino’s ‘Lets Cut Famine’ Post Show Shoot

Last Saturday Pino’s Salon in downtown Kitchener hosted “Lets Cut Famine”, a hair and clothing fashion fundraiser with proceeds going to the aid effort for the famine in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Two of my friends, Janika and Holley, are hair stylists at Pino’s so I came along to shoot some photos of their amazing creations. I won’t post any photos of the actual event, since I wasn’t there for event photography (check out this album if you’re interested), but just of the little shoot I did after the event.

This was my first time doing fashion and portrait photography, and the conditions were less than ideal. I had 20 minutes to do the shoot, a location limited to the outdoors area in the immediate vicinity of Pino’s Salon (aka, the Kitchener train tracks near Victoria Street) and no lighting since it was at night. Thankfully I did have Ellen and Krysten, two beautiful girls sporting some elaborate hairstyles, to work with. So it still turned out pretty well. Ellen’s intricately braided floral weaved hair was done by Janika Ovar. Krystens feather infused hair and fierce makeup were done by Holley Cressman. Enjoy!

Moonlight. Ellen with hair by Janika Orav
Ellen with hair by Janika Orav



Krysten with hair and makeup by Holley Cressman



I thought this one suited some vintage post processing