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Shout Out Out Out Out and Freedom Or Death at Starlight (October 26, 2011)

Back at the end of July I road tripped over to Montreal for the Osheaga music festival. Of the numerous awesome bands that littered the lineup one of my suprise finds was relatively new Toronto three-piece Freedom Or Death. They have a sound thats somewhat difficult to pin down, like a lot of recent bands they draw heavily from indie-rock and electronic music, yet they combining them in a way that avoids the usual cliches. Needless to say I was happy to get the chance to see the in a more intimate setting when they toured through Waterloo in support of the Edmonton based electro dance party known as Shout Out Out Out Out.

Freedom or Death live playlist

Freedom Or Death got off to an amusing start when the singer confused Waterloo with London, but he did a far better job of apologizing than Yuck did at a recent show of theirs when they called Toronto Montreal. It took a while for the crowd to warm up to them, as I got the feeling that they didn’t quite know what to make of the band; they were quite a contrast to the headliners upbeat fuck-it-just-party sound. Freedom Or Deaths’ music feels a little more cerebral and somber, and while it’s still upbeat, you wouldn’t feel quite comfortable dancing to it. That said I really like the band, and after the show picked up a copy of their recently released debut album Ego which is well worth a listen. One of my favourite songs on the record, This Crowded Roomwas appropriatly the closing track of their set; and while they didn’t quite get the crowd dancing to their music, they did get them on their feet and ready to dance for when Shout Out Out Out Out took the stage.

Shout Out Out Out Out live playlist

Shout Out Out Out Out was the band 90 percent of the crowd was here for and they didn’t give the crowd a chance to be let down. By the end of their first track (or possibly first two, they sort of blurred together) there were no less than four bass guitars, two drum kids, and a couple of synths pounding away fours-to-the-floor. They aren’t the sort of band I would usually listen to, but they sure put on a great live show. Sadly their music was more suited for getting wild to at a club on a saturday night rather than a mid week gig in a university town going through mid terms. That said, the band has earned itself a bit of a following in Waterloo since they make an effort to tour through here each year, so there was still an decent sized turn out of enthusiastic fans and it still managed to be a fun show. Be sure to check out my videos and photos from the night!

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