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Site Update

This is just a little catch up post to explain a couple of minor changes I’ve recently made to my website. So, drum roll…

I’ve updated the menu at the top of the site to more easily let you view the Music, Photography or Travel posts on my blog.

Originally I started this website as a travel blog with a heavy focus on photography. Since I’ve finished backpacking it’s turned into a more live music oriented blog, still heavily focused on photography and now videography. Occasionally I also post pure photography posts, and in the future when I start writing travel posts again this will help keep everything organized and easy to find. I also might expand these menus at some point by adding album reviews and more categories of photography. The plan is to eventually put up a photography portfolio as well.

I’ve added some basic social network integration stuff for commenting, liking and sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

So please feel free to “Like” and “Share” everything or nothing (everything would be better, might make a few more people stumble across my little home on the web). I’ve also left the old comment system (not that anyone other than spam bots really used it) in case you feel a strong urge to tell me something, but don’t believe in Facebook. I know there are still a few of you left out there.

Ive made an effort to streamline more recent live music posts.

Now instead of a whole list of photos and videos scrolling down forever, I will include an embedded YouTube playlist for either the show or individual bands (depending on how many songs I recorded) and a tiled gallery of photographs which you can click on to view a bigger image. I’ve also updated my last few posts to use this new layout. Hopefully these changes make my site a little less cluttered and more readable, but still keep my photography prominent, which has always been my main focus.

Other than that I’ve been taking a lot longer to upload posts of recent shows as I’ve been busy with school, life, and also teaching myself the basics of video post-production and learning how to use some new software. This has slowed me down a lot, both in learning and in the huge jump in rendering time for my poor little laptop. But I’m starting to iron out a useable workflow so hopefully things will speed up again.