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Hinindar at The Artery (November 18, 2011)

It’s been a long time since Hinindar have played in KW, and that’s a shame. I last saw them at the Carl X, the final show at the old Trepid House on King St N which was host to many amazing house shows in its time. Sadly I only got to see the tail end of its legacy in the time since I moved to Canada. I’m not exactly sure what Hinindar’s story is. I think it’s something of a side project turned band of the guitar wielding, story slinging front man Steve Sloane (The Music Box), rounded out with Jeff Woods and Steph Yates (Tyson & The Trepids) on synth and drums slash banjo respectively. Wherever they came from though, I thoroughly enjoy them. So I was quick to pack my camera to record some of their recent free show at The Artery in Kitchener. Enjoy the videos!

Live video playlist