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Sweet Teeth at Blackwire (January 7, 2012)

Last week I kicked off a (hopefully) music filled twenty twelve, by catching up and coming Sydney post-punkers Sweet Teeth back in my homeland of Australia. The guys in the band are friends of mine and I’ve been following them from the other side of the the world for the last year, so it was great to actually get a chance to see them live on my brief visit here. It was a pretty low key show, and they were the opening act, but it was loud, it was raw, and it was fun. They could probably do with a couple of guitar tuners though… but that’s rock-n-roll innit? You also owe it to yourself to check out their video for the song Girls off their forth coming debut EP which will be released at the Oxford Art Factory (Sydney, AU) on Feb 2nd. Also check out some my videos of the show below.

Live video playlist

Sweet Teeth – Girls

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