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Buck 65 at Starlight (Feb 2, 2012)

Several weeks ago I had the great pleasuring of seeing Canadian Hip Hop legend Buck 65. This was actually my first Hip Hop gig (excluding music festivals), and I had a great time. I wasn’t very familiar with Buck’s music going in, all I knew was he had a voice like gravel, and unorthodox instrumentation for rap music. I came out convinced his was definitely worth getting familiar with though. He also looks a heck of a lot like Billy Bob Thornton. Check out the clips from the show below:

Live video playlist

  1. Indestructible Sam (Buck 65)
  2. Gee Whiz  (Buck 65)
  3. Cold Steel Drum  (Buck 65)
  4. Zombie Delight  (Buck 65)
  5. Blood Of A Young Wolf  (Buck 65)
  6. Gettin’ Down (Kool Krys)
  7. Touch Home (Kool Krys)

The night opened with Halifax groomed, currently Toronto based, rapper Kool Krys who managed to get the lethargic crowd warmed up and in a party mood. But the crowd was really there to see Buck  65, who’s last show in Waterloo was rumoured to be many many years ago. He played a great set of newer songs and old classics (I only know this because I went with a friend who is a big Buck 65 fan). In what was a nice touch he also put out a song request sheet at the merch desk before the show and managed to get through pretty much everything on it. Of course this was done by throwing in an epic couple-of-bars-of-the-left-over-requests medley at the end of his set. Still, it’s the thought that counts.

Flickr photoset

(I experimented with filming with a monopod for the first time at this show to help reduce the shakiness of the footage after the arm-death of a workout that was TSMZ the week before).