Cursive and Cymbols Eat Guitars live at The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON. © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Cursive at Horseshoe Tavern (31.03.12)

Cut it out your self inflicted pain is getting too routine, the crowd is catching on to the self inflicted song… Yes it’s probably true. Almost 10 years from when that song was released we might be on to them. But the formula works, and the frenzied crowd at the Horseshoe Tavern on Saturday ate up every second of Tim Kasher spitting out his angst and anger over Cursive’s dissonant crash of guitars, drums, and the odd trumpet.

Rewind to the year 2004. I’m in my first year of university; Cursive are one of my favourite bands; living in Australia I had given up hope of every getting the chance to see them live. Fast-forward back to 2012. I’m still in university (at least graduate school now…); Domestica and The Ugly Organ are still two of my favourite records; however I’ve mostly drifted away from the post-hardcore bands that dominated my early 20s. But I do live in Canada now, and the chance to see Cursive live could not be passed up.

Live video playlist

  1. This House Alive
  2. Big Bang
  3. A Gentleman Caller
  4. A Red So Deep
  5. Going To Hell
  6. The Martyr
  7. The Recluse
  8. From The Hips
  9. The Casualty
  10. Sink To The Beat
  11. Art Is Hard
  12. Eulogy For No Name
  1. Plainclothes (Cymbals Eat Guitars)
  2. Keep Me Waiting (Cymbals Eat Guitars)

I admit a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t too familiar with Cursive’s output after their 2006 record Happy Hollow. So I got myself a copy of Mama, I’m Swollen, and their brand new album I Am Gemini and started doing my homework on the new material in anticipation of the show. One thing I have to say about Cursive: they are bloody consistent. Since they released Domestica in 2000 a new album has come out every three years like clockwork, and they’ve all been pretty much great. Thankfully they don’t skimp on their old material in their live show and their set plays like a greatest hits collection of their last five albums.

Saturdays show was fantastic. There was an crazy amount of energy in the room, both from the band, and the crowd who were singing along to every songs and jumping around like madmen. I managed to hide off to the side behind a little pillar which let me film most of the show without getting knocked over or my camera smashed up in the process. A couple of characters stood out. There was a large bearded guy in a truckers hat at front and centre who kept climbing halfway up onto the stage and shouting along with the lyrics, spit flying everything, while furiously pontificating at Tim Kasher’s face. There was also a bald, bearded hipster guy right next to me who may have gone down in history for the Horseshoe massacre if Cursive didn’t play The Casualty. Luckily for everyone there that track made it into their encore right before Burst & Bloom and Art Is Hard, making for possibly my favourite 12 minutes of the night.

The opening act for the night, New York City’s Cymbals Eat Guitars were also a great band and a perfect match for Cursive. I hadn’t heard them before the night but I will definitely be checking them out now, and hopefully I’ll get to see them headlining their own tour up this way soon.

Check out the videos and photos from the show!

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  1. Nic Hallanger

    Thanks for capturing all of this. I was in town on business while Target was building up their HQ presence in Mississauga during this show and getting out to a killer show at the Horseshoe seriously made a mundane trip so much better. Keep up the great work. For obvious reasons I don’t get to go to Mississauga/Toronto for work these days.

    During my work visits I saw the Opera House, the Horseshoe, and a couple other small venues. What an amazing music scene – I miss it dearly.