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And So I Watch You From Afar / Indian Handcrafts (14.07.12)

I’ve mostly been having a little break from filming bands this summer, but I found a couple of files on my hard-drive that I thought I should finally upload. It may be a month or so late, but here is some footage I took from And So I Watch You From Afar’s show at the Horseshoe in July.

This band is pretty great live, though filming from the front row was a bit perilous. My camera almost got taken out by the the guitarist’s crotch a couple of times. My highlight of the night was when both guitarists jumped into the audience to finish up the last song of their set. It was one of those magically intimate live music moments. See it for yourself here.

After the show we were also treated to a set by Toronto guitar drum duo Indian Handcrafts. By that point of the night I was pretty exhausted and left early. But they impressed me enough I bought their album when I got home, and will try and catch them again soon.