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What Do You Go Home To?

Picture this: You spend several months where every day you wake up in a strange place. You’re surrounded by new and interesting things to experience and new and interesting people to meet. Every day is a new adventure. Your life is amazing. Those things “normal” people deal with, like jobs, family and university, like the daily grind, all that stuff is several continents away from you and barely even registers in your mind. Then the bubble bursts. Continue reading

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Black Moon Down

We booked out tickets out of Railey from a rock climbing tour operator next to our hotel who offered the best deal. I mean, he organized the whole thing: Boats, mini buses, coaches, ferries, the whole damn trip. Railay to Ao Nam Mao, Ao Nam Mao to Krabi, Krabi to Surat Thani, Surat Thani to Don Sak, Don Sak to Thong Sala. Three hundred kilometers in eight hours and at 500 baht. Trust me, it’s a very good deal. We were headed for the great unknown, but to get there we had to follow the regular tourist trail. Continue reading

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Following three nights of beach partying in Koh Phi Phi my body needed a break, and where better to go then Railay beach. Railay isn’t quite an island, its a peninsula off the mainland of Thailand a little north of the port town of Krabi, but it’s only accessible by boat so it might as well be. There are three beaches on the peninsula, East and West Railay beach, and Phra Nang beach, and their are all overlooked by magnificent limestone cliffs. With all the impressive cliffs Railay is world famous for rock climbing, and several people I travelled with said it as their favourite beach and island-of-sorts in Thailand. Continue reading

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Lords of the Ring (Part II): Pai Alive

Nine riders to lead the way, seven bikes to guide them, and one ring to bring them all and in the mountains bind them. In the far north of Thailand where adventure lies. The tale of the Mae Hong Son Ring continues. We had made it to Pai alive, and Pai Alive became the new name and the mantra of our fellowship. Continue reading